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Intriguing animals, diverse landscapes

Fins, fur, scales or feathers?

Wildlife tourism in Australia offers some of the most diverse landscapes and intriguing animals on the planet.

Our wildlife tours and holidays guide you through multiple regions which are home to unique and spectacular native flora and fauna. 

People just like you, have been flying with us and experiencing wildlife and nature, on our outback tours for 44 years’.

Whether you’re interested in spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife, captivating culture or stunning wildflowers, you’ll get to see and do more as you land right in the heart of remote destinations, some of which are not even accessible by road.

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Wildlife and Wilderness

Easy access to wild places

Travelling with just eight passengers, accompanied by an experienced tour leader and pilot, gives you access to remote places of unimaginable natural beauty and diverse unique wildlife, away from the well trodden tourist path where large groups can’t go and big planes simply can’t land.

Flying private with Air Adventure means you get to do, see and discover more on the ground.

Simply put, there is no better way to explore outback Australia than by private aircraft.

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Tailor made wildlife tours

Let your imagine run wild

On Air Adventure tours you’ll experience extraordinary destinations teeming with wildlife.

We believe Australia is not just about sitting back and enjoying amazing scenery from a window but getting out there and exploring it for yourself!

We have scheduled departures or if you have something in mind, no matter what your interests, level of fitness or special needs we can design a tailor-made wildlife tour or holiday just for you.

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What our travellers say

  • Surely one of the best trips that we have done. A fantastic overview of what Australia has to offer. All the company was excellent as was transport, accommodation and food. Thank you for making it so enjoyable.

    - Stephanie, Turramurra, NSW