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We like to call it the Air Adventure Way. With over 45 years’ experience flying people just like you to the outback and beyond, our sole focus is to ensure guests travel better and engage in a meaningful way with outback Australia. 

You’ll venture beyond the ordinary and return enriched with a new found love and appreciation for the precious natural resources, sheer diversity of indigenous culture, the people, characters and places that make outback Australia unique.

Whether you’re interested in art, science, culture, communities or conservation we can work with you to create a unique, memorable and meaningful travel experience. 




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Genuine Small Group Travel

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Small group travel gives you access to remote places of unimaginable beauty and offers diverse unique experiences. You get to explore seldom visited, remote destinations in natural isolation and culturally significant sites that many don’t have access to.

How does that mean you travel better?

You avoid the well trodden tourist path where large groups can’t go and big planes simply can’t land. The Outback Jet is your key to unrivalled accessibility to remote wilderness areas, cattle stations the size of small countries and the real outback Australia.

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Spectacular entrances and exits

Fly differently

Imagine landing right beside a creek in time for a picnic lunch. No need for a sealed runway as the Outback Jet can land practically anywhere. Or landing on a remote airfield at Mitchell Plateau then to a helipad landing onto our luxury adventure cruise ship. Your ‘entrances and exits’ will certainly be stage worthy and memorable.

How does that mean you travel better?

Flying private on the Outback Jet you are stepping outside the mainstream. For a start you will save hours of your precious time waiting around for long haul ground transfers (bus/car) between flights, avoiding queues and check ins. Landing right in the heart of the action you get to see and do more of the things you love. Arrive refreshed and ready to start your adventure with a pep in your step.



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What our travellers say

  • What a brilliant experience! Couldn’t have been looked after better, Bullo River was SENSATIONAL!! Uluru and Bungles also amazing. Thank you team Air Adventure you were faultless!!

    - Jen, St Ives, NSW

  • Many thanks for a fabulous tour. Not enough superlatives to describe.

    - Judy, Croydon, NSW

  • A unique holiday, casual but constructed. Well organised, charming tour leader and both resort and station hosts all accommodating. "You get what you paid for" and we did. Loved it!

    - Cliff and Jean, Berwick, VIC