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Daintree Forest

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World-Heritage Listed

Daintree Forest

The World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest is ancient and breathtakingly beautiful. Immerse yourself in ancient ferns, emerald green vines and lush canopy on an Air Adventure Daintree Tour.

You can trek through jungle and discover plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet or cruise gently along the winding waterways of the Daintree River, looking for saltwater crocodiles.

Here you can walk amongst the towering tree trunks through picturesque rainforest with your local guide on a Daintree day tour as part of your Cape York & The Gulf tour.

An invigorating, immersive and enriching experience in the heart of the Daintree Forest awaits.



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Step back in time

Roam where once were dinosaurs

Step away from civilisation and back in time to experience an ancient world.

The Daintree is the place to immerse yourself in nature and switch off from the modern world. It’s a raw, wild, ancient environment that resembles a real-life Jurassic Park.

Covering 1200sq k between the Mossman Gorge and Bloomfield River, the Daintree Rainforest is one of the most complex ecosystems on earth. An estimated 180 million years old, it is tens of millions of years older than the Amazon and contains living examples of unique ancient plants as well as thousands of species of birds, animals and reptiles.

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Discover meaningful travel

A timeless connection to land

On Air Adventure tours we like to help you transform the way you experience outback Australia.

Helping you to discover the timeless indigenous connection to this land is one way for you to experience more meaningful travel.

The Kuku Yalanji also known as the ‘rainforest people’ have lived in the Far North Queensland region for 50,000 years and have a deep connection with the land and live in complete harmony with their environment. With an expert local indigenous guide on a Daintree tour you can learn about the history of the rainforest, bush tucker and traditional medicine.

No matter what your interests, level of fitness or special needs we can design a tailor-made adventure just for you.

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Local Tips

  • 1. Embrace culture

    Take the opportunity to learn and engage in Indigenous culture and connect with country. Stay curious and be adventurous.

  • 2. Pack your camera

    Don’t forget your camera and accessories it’s your chance to capture some amazing memories in spectacular country.

  • 3. Stay hydrated

    It’s a good idea to have a day pack and plenty of water on hiking trails and walks.

What our travellers say

  • “Mary River was a truly spectacular experience and one that I will never forget!”

    - Judy, Hawthorn East, Vic